Huckleberry Finn

Chapters 5-8

1. What were the demands pap had for his son?
Pap wanted Huck to give him his money.
2. How did pap pay for going against the judge's tide of reform?
Pap went to jail for a week.
3. What did pap trade for whiskey?
Pap traded his new coat for whiskey.
4. What reason was given for Huck resuming his cussing?
He doesn't live with the widow anymore and pap doesn't care if he cusses
5. "Welts" were mentioned for what reason?
His dad drank so much and beat him and that left welts
6. What examples did pap use to criticize the government?
Trying to take a mans son away, puts a man with $6000 in an old cabin, gives him clothes that arn't even fit for a hog. The judge wont give him his son's money which he believes is rightfully his.
7. Who called whom "the Angel of Death"?
Pap called Huck the angel of death when pap was chasing huck with a knife.
8. After feigning his own death, where did Huck plan on going?
Huck was planning to canoe to Jackson’s Island.
9. The ferryboat with pap and Judge Thatcher on it was doing what?
They were shooting canonballs over the water and placing loaves of bread with mercury in it into the water, to try to get Hucks "body" to rise from the river.
10. After Huck greeted Jim, what did Jim's reaction reveal?
Jim was scared because he thought that Huck was dead so he thought that he was seeing a ghost and that he was going to get hurt.
11. Why did Jim run away from Miss Watson?
Jim runs away from Miss Watson because she doesn't want him anymore and wants to sell him to a slave owner.